All photos on this site are owned by Kids Sea Camp Inc.  This photo gallery was created for Kids Sea Camp families and friends whom have followed us or  traveled with us around the world for the past 15 years. Our gallery is organized  by year families traveled and within each year, is the destinations traveled to for that year. This gallery is created to promote family travel, scuba diving adventure with kids and to inspire you to protect and preserve life on our planet. 50% of all proceeds from this site are donated to Ocean Wishes Foundation a 501c.   

Photo credits: Margo Peyton, Tom Peyton, Conrad Rucker, Tery Erickson, Carolyn Pascal, Melissa Guarino, Bill Harrigan, Jay Easterbrook, David Benz, Raman Sarin, Jennifer Peyton, David Wakely, Zebedee Wakely, Josh Comay, Woody Tinsley, Travel With Kids, Kim O' Young, Annie Crawley, Michael Hooly, Jake Richter

Destinations include:  Buddy Dive Bonaire,  Cobalt Coast & Dive Tech Grand Cayman, Laguna Beach Resort on Utila, Galapagos, Belize, Roatan, Costa Rica, Fiji, Manta Ray Resort Yap, Palau Royal Resort with Sam's Tours Palau, Bahamas, Caribbean Pearl II Utila, Galapagos Sky, Curacao, and the USA.    For more information or to contact us